A quick guide to great triple glazing installation

Triple glazing is a very hot topic in thermal insulation at the moment. We have discussed the benefits of installing triple glazing here, and especially what the benefit to your energy bill will be. There are many great companies that offer triple glazing installation but it is important to understand that not all insulated units are created equal. There are various products on the market claiming that you can turn your double glazing into triple glazing by adding another glass panel, retrofitted onto your current window. But it is not only the additional glass panel that creates triple glazing; the Krypton gas fill and insulated frame all contribute to the unit’s efficiency.

“Simply adding glass doesn’t make it a triple glazed unit. While this retro-fitted panel might offer marginal thermal properties based on a low-E coating, it will not give you the benefit of a complete insulated unit.”

The efficiency of triple glazing is greatly dependent on the insulation of the unit as a whole. While some DIY enthusiasts will promote the self-installation of triple glazing, it is essential to get a professional to install them correctly. Most manufacturers will not guarantee the windows if they have not been installed by a FENSA or CERTASS registered glazing installer. This will also have serious implications on your insurance and when reselling your home.

Let’s have a look at the process involved so that you can know what to expect.


Your chosen supplier will come to your home and go through the various design options with you. This should be a free, no-obligation meeting.

Site Survey

The supplier will measure all of your windows and supply you with a cost based on your chosen design.


Since triple glazed windows are all custom made according to your home’s requirements, there is a usual 4 – 6 weeks lead time for manufacturing of the new units.


Installing the windows can take anything from 1 – 5 days or more, depending on the size of your property. The work is as uninvasive as possible, and the installation team should do everything in their power to keep your home clean and neat while they’re working. There is no need for you to move anything, the installers will take care of it.


A reputable installer will take good care of your property while they’re doing the work. That being said, you should ensure that a dust sheet has been put down. Old windows can harbour an untold amount of dust that will go everywhere if it’s not contained! After the existing window has been carefully removed, the new window frame will be bolted into the wall structure. The installer will ensure that any damaged damp-proof course around the window opening is repaired before fixing the new frame in place. Expanding foam or silicone will be used as sealant.

Once the frame has been fixed
the sealed glass unit will be carefully fitted and the beading installed to secure the glass inside the frame.

A final check
will take care of any gaps between the frame and the glass or the walls – the insulation of the window will only be successful if there are no gaps for cold air to come through.

Clean Up
The installer will then proceed to clean up the area, remove all debris, tools and the old windows. These are often sent off for recycling, further adding to reducing your carbon footprint (future link: triple glazing and your carbon footprint). Once everything is done, they will go through any moving parts in the windows with you and talk you through maintenance and the warranty.

Published on : 6th September 2016

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