All You Need To Know About Timber Framed Triple Glazing

Triple glazed timber windows are a cost effective solution for newbuilds and retrofits where quality, energy efficiency and aesthetic appeal are important. Whilst PVCu and uPVC windows have rapidly become the most popular material with homeowners when it comes to new windows, more people are starting to realise the benefits and potential of natural materials. If you are living in a conservation area or listed building, you may also be legally required to upgrade to timber triple glazing rather than a man-made material.

The Benefits Of Choosing Timber Windows

Whether you are obliged to install timber windows or you are looking for an eye-catching and energy efficient means of insulating your home, timber triple glazing is a sensible choice for many reasons.

They look good

wooden frames look stunning on any property and create instant kerb appeal. They also offer a wider range of style options than PVCu windows have to offer. You’ll have a choice of a good selection of wood options including oak, mahogany and maple, to name a few, and opt to have your window frames stained, painted or even carved to suit your individual taste.

An environmentally friendly option

Timber framed windows are much more environmentally friendly than their PVCu counterparts and actually have a negative GWP (Global Warming Potential). This means that over a long timeframe they will reduce Co2 levels in the earth’s atmosphere. PVCu, on the other hand, releases poisonous substances into the atmosphere - six of which are under review by European governments. Many manufacturers also use wood sourced by sustainable means, and so your impact on the environment will be neutral.

Timber offers great durability

If they are properly maintained your timber framed triple glazing will offer you years of reliable performance. PVCu usually lasts no more than 30 years, and with the right care, your timber windows could beat that lifecycle by a long shot.

The natural insulator

Timber has been used for centuries as a natural protector against the elements, and for good reason. Strong, durable and attractive, wood is still one of the most popular building and insulating materials around today. It also helps to retain the heat within your home which could in turn reduce your heating bills significantly.

Good maintenance matters

No matter what you may have heard, PVCu window frames are not completely maintenance-free. They can also be difficult to repair. You can keep your windows in outstanding condition by weatherproofing them regularly with a good quality protective barrier that is easy to apply and will withstand all the elements have to throw at your frames.

The all-round energy saver

Not only do timber frames reduce energy in the home - they use up to eight times less energy to make than a typical PVCu window. In fact, the manufacture and disposal of PVCu windows has a huge environmental impact. It is estimated that by 2020, the amount of PVC waste could rise to 6.4 million tonnes. That’s 43% more waste than what is generated by timber windows.

Not as expensive as you might think

High performance timber triple glazing is not as costly as you might think, and there are many ways you can reduce the cost of your installation. Choosing maple over mahogany could save you hundreds of pounds, for example, and a classic window frame will also cost less than a carved or ornate frame.

Why Timber Is A Good Choice For Triple Glazing

Triple glazed units need a strong frame to support them, and wood offers this strength. Developments in timber frame design and build have also created products that minimise damp penetration, water retention and which feature micro-porous paints that let the timber breathe. This means that the blistering and peeling paintwork often associated with timber frames is a thing of the past. Simply put, when you choose high quality timber frames and the right maintenance products, your windows will stay looking their best and performing their best for decades.

Cost is also a major consideration for most homeowners. It’s true that the initial cost of timber framed triple glazing may be higher than other man-made and less durable materials, but thanks to their robust nature, environmental impact and maintenance factor they offer excellent value for money. To further substantiate this claim, The National Housing Federation put the cost of purchasing, fitting and maintaining a timber window frame at between £149 and £199 over a period of 30 years. The comparative cost of buying, fitting and maintaining a PVCu frame over the same time period would cost between £257 and £275.

Other Considerations For Timber Triple Glazing

The glazing you choose for your home will likely be influenced by appearance first followed by thermal performance. However, there are other considerations to think about too. For example, if you live in an area with high levels of noise, you might want to consider triple glazing - that extra pane can make such a big difference to noise insulation.

Owners of properties in conservation areas where the historical character of the building is so important may also want to consider timber triple glazing. It can be difficult to find modern triple glazed windows that easily replicate the existing appearance of the building, whereas timber frames may offer a little more choice, especially where colour and finish are concerned. If security is a concern, triple glazing also offers enhanced security thanks to its additional pane.

To summarise, timber triple glazing offers so many great benefits including aesthetic appeal, high energy efficiency, choice of styles, security and cost, and could be the perfect solution for your home. In addition to adding an attractive feature to your property, you could add value to your property and reduce your energy bills significantly.

Published on : 16th November 2016

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