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Anglian Home Improvements is known as the leading provider of double and triple glazing services in the UK with decades of experience in maximizing the sun's rays for optimum heat retention and warmth in homes nationwide. Their triple glazed A++ rated windows are a step up from competitor products because of their extra glass panel, which reflects more heat back into the property, cutting on heating bills. This makes a big difference in homes and particularly in north-facing rooms.

The company's speciality are A, A+ and A++ rated triple glazing window products that help retain heat in homes and harvest the sun’s free energy. Compared to standard A-rated windows with a 'U' value of 1.2 and an overall value of 1.4 - Anglian's triple glazing benefits from a centre pane value of just 0.8 and an overall 'U' value of 1.1. They have a wide range of energy efficient windows and are constantly expanding their portfolio of products, so it's worth to check their site for updates every now and then.


Triple Glazing Application

Triple glazing is a popular alternative to double glazing for north-facing windows, where there is little natural sunlight. What's even more - Anglian Home Improvements are known for using triple glazing that gives the best insulation property on their windows. They are known to provide on-site consultation and assessment to work around any budget and that includes mix and match of the types of windows of the property. This is a rather valuable feature as it allows home owners to work with the natural elevation of each room - their experts individually assess each room to help customers choose the best combination for their needs.

Apart from excellent heat retaining properties, the extra glass panel in Anglian's triple glazed windows provides exceptional sound insulation, which makes them ideal for homes where background or excessive noise is a problem. Urban properties are transformed in peaceful and quiet sanctuaries after being fitted with triple pane windows from the company's range.

Anglian's Guarantee

The UK-based company boasts over 50 years of experience in the window, door and conservatory market with a focus on the manufacture of custom home improvement products in their own factory to high standards of quality, safety and environmental sustainability. All of their double and triple glazed windows are British-made and have been installed in many homes across the United Kingdom, proving to provide fantastic heath and sound insulation in any area - however remote.

As the UK's no.1 home improvements company, Anglian specializes in custom-made triple glazed windows that fit perfectly and have one of the highest customer retention numbers. They control the process from start to finish in their very own UK-based factory, where all products are manufactured to the highest industry standards.


Published on : 26th September 2016

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Triple Glazing

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