Considerations When Choosing Aluminium Triple Glazed Windows

When you are looking for windows and doors that will give you years of reliable performance, aluminium will not let you down. A popular choice amongst domestic and commercial customers, aluminium windows offer an excellent alternative to PVCu frames.

Aluminium windows have evolved a lot over the years, so much so that they now not only equal the energy efficiency of PVCu, but also offer lots of choice when it comes to design. Whether you are looking for new triple glazed windows for a new build property or you are looking for replacement windows and doors, there are many reasons to opt for aluminium.

The Benefits Of Choosing Aluminium Windows

Choosing new windows and doors can be a daunting process. You want to be sure that you have invested in the right company and the right products, and so it pays to do your research. Here are just some of the benefits of choosing aluminium triple glazing.


Aluminium is a material that has been used in window frames for many years, and which provides sturdy and strong support for the panes of glass. Strength is especially important with triple glazed units as the frames need to support an extra pane of glass. Being a low density metal, aluminium can be used to create slimline window and door frames that look good and which offer dependable support. Aluminium window frames can also withstand the elements, require little in the way of maintenance and do not contract or expand in sunny or frosty conditions.


Security is often near the top of the list when considering new windows, and aluminium triple glazing offers unbeatable security thanks to its robust construction and additional pane of glass. Look for window frames and doors that offer multi-point shootbolt mechanisms as these will offer excellent security for your home. For extra peace of mind, look for products and suppliers that meet the Secured By Design standards.

A wealth of design choices

Whether you are looking for a classic window frame design or something a little more bespoke, aluminium is one of the most versatile materials around. From triangular windows through to floor to ceiling windows, aluminium puts you in complete control of your design. Many new build properties with a modern design use aluminium as it allows designers to turn their ideas into reality, no matter how innovative or quirky.

They look amazing

Of course, when you are choosing new windows, looks are as important as cost, security or energy efficiency. Adding new windows to your property is one of the best investments you can make, and whether you plan to sell or stay put, you’ll want your windows to look good. Aluminium windows are available in a variety of finishes, and will add value that lasts.

The finer details

As well as bespoke window shapes, aluminium also allows you to choose a range of frame profiles for sills, sashes, beading and outer frames. You can also choose your window frames to come in any RAL colour or to have dual colour frames that match your property inside and out.


You may be told that PVCu is the only option if you want your windows to last, but aluminium offers an exceptionally long lifespan that can withstand extreme weather conditions. Opting for aluminium triple glazing means you don’t have to worry about rust or rot, and can rest assured that your windows will continue to look good for many years to come.

Energy efficiency

Of course, energy efficiency is a top priority when considering new windows and doors, and aluminium triple glazing offers an excellent level of thermal efficiency. Whilst it may sound like a design defect, the windows that offer the best levels of energy efficiency are thermally broken aluminium windows. The break itself is a “thermal break” which prevents heat transferring from the inner frame to the outer frame, and cold air moving back the other way. Combined with the low U-value of triple glazing, and you have one of the most energy efficient glazing combinations available.

A range of glass options

Why be restricted to just one type of glass when you are replacing your windows and doors? These are fittings that are going to be with you for many years, and so you’ll want to get the look just right. With aluminium triple glazing, you get this choice and can select from obscured, coloured and patterned glass to suit your tastes. Add this to the frame designs available and you have one truly bespoke fitting.

Need More Reasons To Switch To Triple Glazing?

At a time when energy prices seem to be constantly on the rise, triple glazed windows offer the most energy efficient solution to the problem. In fact, countries with colder climates such as Canada and Scandinavia have been using triple glazing for decades. It was only a matter of time before the UK caught on. While we might not experience the same extreme changes in temperature, our winters can still be incredibly harsh to the point where our energy costs go through the roof.


In addition to the energy savings you could make by installing aluminium triple glazing, there are many other benefits to making this decision for your home. Triple glazing has a warmer surface temperature than double glazing, even during the harshest weather, and this helps to keep a room warmer during the winter months. Secondly, triple glazed windows reduce the amount of noise in your home, which can be especially welcome if you live in or near a high traffic area or under a flight path.

Also, where double glazing is prone to losing more energy than it gains, triple glazed windows capture more heat than is lost, meaning they reduce the need to keep switching up the thermostat.

Published on : 12th November 2016

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