Different Styles of Triple Glazed Windows

Triple glazing has made great strides in home insulation, but you may be concerned that new windows will change the look of your home.

The great news is that triple glazing can be manufactured to fit any style of window frame. Let’s look at the different styles of triple glazed windows available in the market.

Standard Windows

Also known as casement windows, these are the preferred style for most residential homes. They come as fixed, top-hung and side-hung and provide great control over the amount of air allowed into the home. Windows can be made to match the existing style or can be updated to give the home a facelift.

Conservation Windows

Being sympathetic to a home’s original design is especially necessary when it is situated in a conservation area. Conservation windows keep this in mind by not only matching the original style, but also the frame material. Windows have either wood frames or uPVC frames to emulate wood, with all the added benefits of triple glazing.

Sash Windows

While having the look of original Victorian or Georgian sash windows, the updated versions are much easier to operate with greatly improved functionality.

Tilt & Turn Windows

A fairly recent invention that is rapidly gaining popularity as a replacement window option, tilt and turn windows can be tilted for ventilation and turned for ease of cleaning from the inside.

Bay Windows

A very popular feature of British homes, the bay window is not only beautiful, it also cleverly allows for cross ventilation. The various panels that make up the bay have to be carefully measured and fitted to ensure that there are no gaps to allow water or cold air to come into the house

Cottage Windows

Keeping the traditional look of a pretty cottage pane window, the modern versions have larger pieces of glass with glazing bars to give the appearance of individual glass panes.

Frame materials

Most of the window styles are available in 4 material options. Your preferred supplier will be able to give you more information on which option will suit your home and requirements best.


Wood is the traditional choice, most suited to period or conservation homes. While it does require more maintenance than the other materials, it is still a beautiful, durable and very popular choice. Ensure that your supplier sources their wood from sustainable forests.


uPVC or unplasticized polyvinyl chloride is one the most durable and low maintenance building materials available today. It doesn’t warp, rot or fade. It is water- and fire resistant, and can be recycled at the end of its very long lifetime. Because the product is molded, a variety of finishes can be achieved, like the popular wood-grain look often used for window frames. It also comes in a large variety of colours and because the colour goes all the way through the material, scratches and other damage are not highly visible.


Aluminium frames are lightweight, extremely durable, is highly resistant to corrosion and come in a variety of colours. When aluminium is recycled, it doesn’t lose any of its inherent properties. For this reason, it is regarded as one of the most sustainable building materials in the world.


Aluminium-clad: combining the durability of aluminium with the luxury of wood, alu-clad frames have an aluminium cladding on the outside for added strenght, while keeping the warmth of a wood frame on the inside of the home.

Published on : 5th September 2016

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