Everest Triple Glazing

Everest Triple Glazed Windows are a popular replacement option of double glazed current windows. They provide excellent results in saving energy and reducing noise pollution and are known to improve home energy efficiency by up to 35%. With the obvious benefits of double glazed windows over single pane windows, Triple Glazed Windows are the next logical step in maximizing energy saving in homes.

Everest Triple Glazing Specs

Everest Home Improvement's triple glazing is a range of products that are manufactured to the highest industry standards. They feature an additional layer of glass for even more insulation from the cold, helping to retain the warmth inside the property. The air gap in between the glass panes provides that insulation and in the case of Everest Triple Glazed Windows - there are two air gaps in between the panes.

Note: The air gap in between Everest Triple Glazed Windows is filled with Argon gas. This is done to minimize heat loss through means of less energy being used to heat up the home. This results in considerable reduction of heating bills during cols months as well as reduction of carbon footprint.

In terms of safety - home owners benefit from an added sense of security because of the third layer of glass. This is among the many added benefits of installing triple glazing.

Everest manufactures triple glazed windows that can be fitted on all property types, new or old buildings for residential or commercial use. As modern construction results in more energy efficient properties - Triple Glazing is the logical choice to increase the building's energy efficiency and improve the U-values of the property.

Triple Glazed Windows - The Benefits


With the highest possible energy rating of A++, Everest Triple Glazed Windows keep heat inside and perform better compared to standard double glazing. The extra pane of glass blocks out external sounds and make the windows more resilient to breaking. Providing extensive guarantee to their Britain-made product range ensures Everest Home Improvement is able to guarantee the quality and high safety standards of their triple glazed windows.

2. Special coatings & materials

The wide array of features in Everest's triple glazed windows include two coatings of low-emissivity (Low E) glass, which performs better in keeping the heat inside the property. In addition to this the outer pane is clearer and enhances light transmission from the outside, optimizing additional solar heat gain. The company employs a warm edge technology in the spacer bars that separate the panes of glass, which are made from a plastic insulating composite material that provides yet another barrier to heat loss.

3. Fully customizable

Everest's Triple Glazed windows employ the same frame profile as their popular double glazed models, and can be customized based on individual customer needs and requirements. What's even more - they are fully reinforced and with toughened panels. Everest offers a Lifetime Guarantee on both sealed units as well as discoloration.

Everest Triple Glazing is designed specifically to provide high thermal insulation, keep homes warmer and reduce heating bills. Their A++ energy rating is unmatched by competitors and provides many additional benefits in terms of security and sound reduction.

Published on : 22th September 2016

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Triple Glazing

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